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Kymenlaakso's Smart Specialisation RIS3 Strategy

SMART-specialization is the driving force behind innovation, growth and internationalization - to be a competitive, attractive and vibrant Kymenlaakso.

The Smart Specialization Strategy is a process of economic change that makes critical choices based on their own strengths and the scarce resources are focused on fewer and more impressive projects under the RIS3 (Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization).

The Kymenlaakso RIS3 strategy describes the region's strengths and expertise to distinguish itself from other areas. The strategy is also a way to market Kymenlaakso and its expertise internationally. The RIS3 strategy will provide all actors with a common vision, framework and objectives for implementing regional development projects and innovation activities. In the economic development and renewal, strong focus on financial support for research, development and innovation is of key importance. The long-term goal of implementing the strategy is internationality and inter-regional project cooperation within the themes of intelligent differentiation.


Baltic Sea Region Smart-Up Innovation Camp Palanga-Klaipeda 2018
Solving Grand Societal Challenges for Sustainable Future in BSR

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June 13-15, 2018, Palanga-Klaipeda, Lithuania

How to tackle grand societal challenges like climate change and healthy ageing via smart specialisation in Baltic Sea Region? How to promote circular economy? And how to attract relevant businesses inclusively?

Smart-Up BSR Mini-Camp in Palanga-Klaipeda, organized jointly by Aalto University, MITA Science Agency and Klaipeda Science And Technology Park, brings together a group of about 30 dynamic professionals from Baltic Sea harbor areas, universities, cities & municipalities to innovate solutions for grand societal challenges, sustainable port development and sustainable future in Baltic Region.

Klaipeda region opens up on its regional challenge to become a competitive and sustainable port – an important part of Lithuanian national economy. How to flexibly transform local maritime industries in tune with global digitization and automation trends? How to find its own niche and competitive advantage? How to reach stakeholder consensus locally and lobby on national level?

The Mini-Camp starts with a visit to Western Baltija Shipbuilding to get the insights on maritime industry development at Klaipeda region. Three working groups in Smart-Up BSR Mini-Camp will focus to explore the Klaipeda challenge, and the broader context of how to address grand societal challenges through smart specialization and inter-regional collaboration.

Stay tuned to learn about the outcomes of the Mini-Camp in Palanga-Klaipeda!

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