Regional Council of Kymenlaakso

The Regional Council of Kymenlaakso is a joint municipal authority responsible for regional development, regional land use planning and regional interest promotion. Kymenlaakso region consists of Kouvola- and Kotka-Hamina subregions and it is located in South-East Finland. We are one of 18 regional coucils in Finland. We are a strategic planner on regional level and our main goal is to foster regional development in many levels.

We are responsible for elaborating four year Regional Program which defines the main priorities for regional development and a long-term Regional Strategic Plan. More detailed implementation plan outlines main themes for projects and preliminary budget for coming two years. We are able to co-fund these projects via national and European Union Structural Funds.

Regional land use planning takes into account national land use guidelines and foster them on a regional level. The Regional Plan acts as a guideline for land use plans on the municipal level as well as for bigger individual land use projects. The Regional council of Kymenlaakso is also responsible for drafting and approving maritime spatial plans in the territorial waters and on the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).


"To achieve the best value for the Region we work closely together with other stakeholders such as municipalities, the government, the business sector, universities, education providers, development companies, as well as with civic organisations.

The Regional Council, together with other regional stakeholders, promotes the interests of the region in the national decision making. Interest promotion on the European Union level is carried out in co-operation with the Helsinki EU Office in Brussels and within an international organization, the Conference of Maritime Peripheral Regions (CPMR).
International co-operation of Kymenlaakso region focuses on the Baltic Sea Region.  Important tools for the co-operation are the various EU funding programs.

Kymenlaakso Summer University is a part of the Regional Council. It operates throughout the year providing adult education services. The Summer University offers Open University education and many other forms of continuing education.

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Communications specialist
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